Garmin GSC10 problems – the saga continues

I decided to purchase another GSC10 as I was keen to see whether its lack of waterproofing had been fixed by Garmin (for the background here is my previous take on this, see  Garmin Gsc10 problems).  Also the replacement unit sourced from the German  company o-synce had failed after working for a couple of years  (see MACRO 2SXcom speed and cadence sensor).

The new GSC10 was delivered from Wiggle a month ago and fitted to my bike. To get it working all I had to do was to change the wheel magnet as they don’t seem to be compatible, neither will work with the speed sensor from the other company which seems odd, a magnet is a magnet after all. My Garmin Edge 705 picked up the cadence sensor right away with no problems and it all worked well together.

A couple of weeks ago I did one very wet ride and washed the bike a couple of times, other than that it was all riding in dry weather. Then last week the cadence sensor stopped working, tried the usual tricks of moving the sensor and then re-scanning but it refused to be found. I knew the problem was with the GSC10 as the computer was still picking up the sensors on my other bikes without any problems, in fact it was picking up other cyclists’ sensors as they rode past on the opposite side of the road!

Removed the GSC10 from my bike and bought it indoors to avoid getting it mixed up with the other sensors in the garage. Then pressed the little LED button with a pen to see whether the red and green lights would flash when I passed the appropriate magnet past the sensors, this worked fine but the computer would still not detect the unit. Tried changing the battery but that did not solve the issue.  All of this is consistent with the problems I was having a few years ago. I left the unit to dry indoors for the past week and sent of an email to Garmin support about the problem.

Garmin Europe replied saying

 I have forwarded your email to the design team as they are always interested in customer feedback. Many of the comments/suggestions we receive (such as yours) are often evaluated towards potential
implementation into future Garmin products or current unit software releases. We cannot guarantee that what you have suggested will be implemented, however we do appreciate you passing along your opinions.

Spoke to Garmin support who said they were not aware of any problems with the GSC10 not being waterproofed correctly and that they did not get many returns for that reason. I posted a suggestion about the problem at the Garmin ideas website as they suggested in their email reply

We also have a portal for customers to submit ideas directly to our innovation experts. Please share your ideas with us at the following page on our website:

After drying out for a week the GSC10 is now detected again by my computer, this again is consistent with what normally happens, you can dry them out and get them working a couple of times before corrosion causes the unit to fail completely.  So I will fit it again to my bike and see how long it will last, will keep posting here on progress.




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  1. Haydn says:

    My GSC10 is less than 2 months old and has these symptoms already! Fingers crossed Wiggle will replace it for me…

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