All About the Doping – USADA releases its findings

The US Anti Doping Agency have released a statement on their website today 10 October 2012 saying

Today, we are sending the ‘Reasoned Decision’ in the Lance Armstrong case and supporting information to the Union Cycliste International (UCI)

The text of the article on the USADA website can be found at

It will be interesting to see what the UCI make of the documents they receive from USADA.

While on the one hand it is troubling that this case has not been tried in a court of law, the evidence seems to be overwhelming with so many former members of US Postal coming clean about their past.

George Hincapie has confessed and been suspended today for his pains, although he retired a short while ago, see the article in Cycling News at

Levi Leipheimer has also been suspended, he was racing on the Tour de France only a couple of months ago along with Hincapie.

Tyler Hamilton gives details in his book which are pretty damming of Armstrong even if it does seem very biased and self-serving at times, it is very difficult to set this level of detail to one side and ignore it all.

It seems very difficult to believe there is a conspiracy against Lance and his Livestrong foundation that is being funded by Tobacco money as he seems to be alleging.

There are now no less than 11 of his former team mates who have given evidence of systematic doping practices at US Postal.

And another statistic from the USADA report that makes grim reading is

Twenty of the twenty-one podium finishers in the Tour de France from 1999 through 2005 have been directly tied to likely doping through admissions, sanctions, public investigations or exceeding the UCI hematocrit threshold.
Of the forty-five (45) podium finishes during the time period between 1996 and 2010, thirty-six (36) were by riders similarly tainted by doping.12

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